The Pogo Stick

Remember seeing people riding a contraption that enables them to jump off the ground while standing? They do so with a clever modern toy invented in Germany by Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall (from which the name was derived). The German patent was then registered on March 1920 in Hanover. Lovingly called the pogo stick, the toy resembles a baby letter “T” with handlebars, footrests, and a spring along its pole. The spring usually connects two segments of the pole and extends below the footrests.

The jumper balances on the pole by stepping on the footrests. Once the jumper is certain, the jumping commences with the slight bending movement of the knees to amplify or reduce the spring’s energy. The maximum compression of the spring results to its full extension, hoisting the jumper via the recoil. The launch can have a height of mere inches to unbelievable feet up in the air. Pogo stick jumpers should repeat uniform launches to create and sustain a periodic bounce. Anyone can steer a pogo stick by transferring weight from the spring’s centerline toward the chosen horizontal direction. This would then produce a series of horizontal movements.

Highest Jump On A Pogo Stick – Guinness World Records

“Get off the pogo stick” -Tremors Movie Clip

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