Title screen from "I Love Lucy" TV Show 1950s
Title screen from “I Love Lucy” TV Show 1950s

The 50s were the peak of the years when Baby Boomers were actively being born. Following the Great Depression, money was less tight and the World War II years were over. People wanted nothing more than a great life and a future for their family. More children were born and they were raised to work hard and play hard.

We saw Sputnik and a satellite that carried an animal into space. We saw human rights and race riots and Federal troops working to keep the peace and allow for racial integration of the different schools.

Famous physicist Albert Einstein warned the world that a nuclear war would lead to mutual destruction but despite that warning the US began developing and producing hydrogen bombs.

Established in 1955, McDonald’s hamburgers cost 15 cents. The McDonald’s logo is the most recognized symbol in the world, even surpassing that of the cross.

And of course, we all enjoyed our first McDonald’s hamburgers in the decade that launched fast food.

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