The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

President Kennedy moments before assassination in Dallas Texas November 22, 1963
President Kennedy moments before assassination in Dallas Texas November 22, 1963

On Friday November 22, 1963, America changed forever as the 35th president of the United States was assassinated by gunman Lee Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

The crowds were peering from the balconies and windows while throngs were flocking the streets as the 46-year-old president traveled by motorcade towards a luncheon at the Trade Mart. First lady Jacqueline Kennedy by his side – her iconic Chanel dress was about to be smeared with the blood of her husband.

Three rifle shots suddenly were fired from the 6th floor of the nearby book depository building (which has since been converted into an exhibition hall commemorating the tragic event), which struck the president with a fatal wound.

There was public hysteria as the crowd tried to make sense of what had happened to their young outspoken president, who was a proponent of change and revolutionary policies. The gunman was apprehended and identified as Lee Oswald, who worked at the depository.

However, things got a bit murkier when the young Lee Oswald was shot point blank by Jack Ruby during a live television broadcast while he was in police custody, eliminating the only known suspect of the national crime.

Both Lee Oswald and Jacky Ruby were said to have acted alone but tonnes of conspiracy theories remain.

The Soviets, Mafia and Cubans under Castro were all thought to have been involved in the assassination, but nobody truly knows.

Dallas became a somber place after the treacherous event and suffered for a long time, being shunned by corporate America and referred to as a place of hate.

Historians still wonder what might have happened if Kennedy had lived. So much would have changed with his hard line thinking and his new wave ideas, but these possibilities will always remain guesswork. Lee Harvey Oswald hit his mark and the nation had a curtain pulled over its dreams.

Walter Cronkite on CBS, interrupts The Days of Our Lives to announce the shooting and death of President John F. Kennedy

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