Stuckey's, King George VA. 1960s Photo by Stuckeys.

The brand Stuckey’s is synonymous with interstate highways and a serving of delicious pecan rolls that have satisfied generations of palates in America. In fact, Baby Boomer travel was not complete without stopping at one of these Stuckeys and taking part in the ideal pecan candy and other offerings that were there. The idea sprang from when its founder decided to sell the surplus of his pecan harvest via a humble shed facing the highway.

Stuckey’s– the baby boomer travel icon was  established in Eastman, Georgia in 1927 by W.S. Stuckey Sr., which soon received the patronage of Americans around the country with the revolutionary rise of highways and automobiles. The popular pit stops for families stocked delightful regional pastries as well as fuel for the visiting vehicles.

It is widely believed that Mrs Stuckey was the brains behind the popular pecan log treat that had gone on to represent the brand.

The chain peaked during the years between 1964 and the 70s when it collaborated with Pet Milk, a dairy production company. In 1977, the founder of the chain passed away and the business soon fell into decline, which led to the end of the partnership between Stuckey’s and Pet Milk.

Separation proved disastrous for the chain, causing to the closure of many of its once sprawling outlets.

Fortunately, the company eventually recovered under the leadership of the son of its founder, and Americans today continue to enjoy the original flavor of the pecan log treats that had won the heart of the nation many summers ago.

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