Mr. Green Jeans

Hugh Brannum as Mr. Green Jeans and Cosmo Allegretti as the Dancing Bear from the 5 year anniversary of Captain Kangaroo. (CBS)

Mr. Green Jeans was a vital character on Captain Kangaroo. Played by Hugh Brannum, Mr. Green Jeans was a helpful neighbor to Captain Kangaroo. Brannum was an extremely talented American arranger, actor, vocalist, and composer. He became famous when he starred alongside Bob Keeshan in the well-known children’s TV show.

Hugh Brannum as Uncle Lumpy “Hubert the Horse” on Decca Records, 1952

Together with Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Moose, Grandfather Clock, and Bunny Rabbit. Mr. Green Jeans would always play a certain kind of musical instrument. Having been a talented individual in the field of show business, Brannum had no difficulty at all in doing this during the show. He became a household name, well-loved by the kids who watched Captain Kangaroo.

When World War II came, Hugh Brannum enlisted in the US Marine Corps. He became a member of Bob Crosby’s Marine band. Brannum then joined the Four Squires after the war. After his time there, Brannum became a member of The Pennsylvanians. This was when Brannum met Bon Keeshan, who was also a marine. Eventually, Brannum was hired with Keeshan to be part of Captain Kangaroo.

Mr. Green Jeans earned his name from wearing his unique clothing, which was a farmer’s overalls. The overalls were later replaced by a denim jacket and jeans, all of which were green in color. Mr. Green Jeans was known as a curious and talented handyman. He always assisted at various chores or tasks at the Treasure House, later named The Captain’s Place. Mr. Green Jeans was also known to bring one of his new animals in his small menagerie whenever he visited the captain.

Bob Keeshan said that Mr. Green Jeans was the depiction of Brannum’s true personality. One even that proved this was when a lion cub bit Brannum during their performance in front of a live audience. Though the bite drew blood, Brannum did not break character. Instead, he placed his bleeding hand inside his pocket and remained calm throughout the episode.

Mr. Green Jeans “High Hopes”

Hubert the Horse by Uncle Lumpy Brannum 1952


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