Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee with Joe DiMaggio
Mr. Coffee and Joe DiMaggio hit a grand slam in the 70s.

Mr. Coffee was something that we all grew up with. The brand as a whole was founded in the early 1970s. Mr. Coffee has often been referenced in popular culture and has been promoted by celebrities such as Joe DiMaggio. Mister Coffee was founded in Cleveland Ohio. It was something that was developed by Vincent Marotta and Samuel Glazer who had an idea to make coffee taste better such as it did in the French Press type coffee makers, only, he wanted it to be easier.

He hired engineers to create the Mister Coffee which was followed closely by Mrs Tea, drip machines that were faster and made the coffee and tea taste infinitely better. Prior to this the coffee was made in percolators which often burned and made the flavor acrid rather than smooth and delicious.

So popular were these 30 plus dollar miracles of modern technology that they sold millions the first year they were available. They were even featured in movies and television.

The story of Mr. Coffee

Mr. Coffee – Spaceballs Movie

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