Martin Luther King Marches on Washington

Martin Luther King Jr March on Washington 1963
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr — March on Washington 1963

On 28th August 1963, a young pastor from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., joined a group of spirited protesters at Washington D.C. in a bid for freedom and jobs for all African Americans.

The demonstration was to become one of the most iconic events in American history.

It was only fitting that Dr. Martin Luther King assembled with his crowd outside the Lincoln Memorial, in remembrance of the emancipator who championed against slavery, who had been martyred over his noble cause. The original March was intended for the Capitol building but King and his group decided that they did not wish to antagonize Congress.

Although King was to be the last speaker for the event, when the media crews were expected to have left the area, his speech turned out to be one of the greatest ever made in the civil rights movement.

He deviated from his intended script and expressed his true emotions in front of the masses of African Americans young and old, reminding them of the American constitution and its inclusive nature. The speech has come to known as “I Have A Dream”.

In his captivating speech, King hoped for a world whereby children of people of all creed and color can sit together at the table of harmony. He spoke of a world where the bells of freedom would toll from coast to coast.

The charismatic speaker ended his speech with a dynamic conclusion, “Free at last!
Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”, which has come to serve as an affirmation of the liberty drafted by the founding fathers.

Up till this day, the march and speech of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. remain relevant in American society and continues to inspire leagues of citizens.

I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr. 1963

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