Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Jiffy Pop Popcorn, 1959

Jiffy Pop popcorn is uniquely tasty and was a popular comfort food in the 1970s. Developed in 1958 by Frederick C. Mennen, a Chemist in Indiana, the popcorn is prepared by the customer through a self-popping pan.

The creative invention consisted of unpopped popcorn that customers get to “cook” with handled self-popping pan on a frying stove. No doubt, the satisfying act of cooking your very own popcorn was an appealing novelty.

Plain aluminum pans were used in the original design but were eventually replaced by a black coating on the outside to improve heat-transfer.
One memorable thing about Jiffy Pop was that most people tend to burn some of it in the heating up process, leaving a delicious slightly charred taste.

Early television ads depicting curious children surrounding the expanding and popping Jiffy Pop, proved to be effective marketing for a nation-wide food craze. Their slogan was “as much fun to make as it is to eat”, marketing both the process of preparation as well as its taste.

Jiffy Pop remained popular until the rise of the microwave variants of popcorn, which made preparations much easier. The company tried its own brand of microwavable products but failed to match up to fierce competition.

The tasty treat is still available these days but exclusively in its original stove top version and only in butter flavor.

Vintage Jiffy Pop TV Commercial

Jiffy Pop, 1970s

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