Ice Cream Boy Commercial

In 1963, ice cream manufacturer American Dairy Association aired an endearing advertisement featuring a young boy who visits the local ice cream parlor for his sweet treat while a catchy tune plays in the background.

The classic black and white video shows the boy pulling his toy duck by the leash down the pathway as he makes his way into the ice cream shop like a tiny adult. When asked for his choice of flavor, the boy selects generic vanilla after much deliberation, much to the dismay and surprise of the ice cream man behind the counter.

American Dairy introduced its wide variety of flavors in this vintage commercial, presenting consumers with a chance to mix and match flavors to their hearts’ content. Prior to this period, ice creams were generally available only in the usual chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavors but the American

Dairy Association dashed barriers with their new tongue-in-cheek campaign.
In the closing scene of the adorable commercial, the little boy is seen covered in scoops of ice creams that come in different hues (and presumably, flavors).

Television in the 60s and 70s was filled with timeless commercials that have gone on to influence the ads and culture of modern-day America.

Ice Cream Boy – American Dairy Association (1963)

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