House Party and The Linkletter Show

Art Linkletter and Shirley Buchanan In "People are Funny" 1958

The American thirst for daytime radio talk shows and variety shows was insatiable. Because of this, shows like The House Party and The Linkletter Show were created.

The House Party aired from January 15, 1945 to October 13, 1967 on ABC and CBS radios. Later on, the show ran as Art Linkletter’s House Party on CBS TV. In the final season of the show, the title was changed to The Linkletter Show. It aired from September 1, 1952 to September 5, 1969.

John Guedel found out that an ad agency intended to create a brand new daytime show in which the audience would participate. So, he pitched the series, saying that it would be starring Art Linkletter. Guedel and Linkletter created a format or outline for the show. It would allow Linkletter to be spontaneous and free in conducting things.

The House Party was all about featuring a variety of topics that appealed to the general audience. It could be a search for a missing heir or some household tips. A funny monologue by Art Linkletter was usually followed by a quiz for the audience. Anyone could win prizes or unique experiences. One feature well-loved by the audience was Guess What’s in The House. This was a quick game where clues about the items contained in a small home model were given to the audience. The audience would ponder on the clues as the model home was placed on the podium center stage.

Another unforgettable segment was Kids Say the Darndest Things. Here, Linkletter would interview school kids aged five to ten years old. Linkletter interviewed an estimated total of 23,000 children throughout its 27 years.

Art Linkletter and Lucille Ball on House Party, 1964

Art Linkletter and The Kids, Mid 1950s

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