Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels was the collectors item for kids in the 60s and 70s, and still is.

Hot Wheels are more than just toy cars, they are down-scaled vehicles that challenge the concept of speed, power and performance through sinuous tracks and obstacle courses.

Hot Wheels store display – 1968

The first ever hot wheels car was released on May 18, 1968 and was called the custom Camaro. The miniature model was the brainchild of Mattel Co-founder, Elliot Handler, who was unimpressed by the die-cast toy cars in his time as he played with his son.

This led Handler to challenge his research and development team to come up with an amazing toy that would capture the attention of the nation. The innovative team had included a professional from General Motors and even a rocket scientist.

Eventually, the team came up with the concept of a toy car that was manufactured from high quality metal and featured its own unique suspension system. Handler was so impressed by the design that he remarked “those are some hot wheels!”, which was the origin of the household toy name. The invention was a sensation.

The first set of Hot Wheels was soon released after the Camaro and was known as the sweet 16, which were 16 outrageous car designs based on the custom muscle car culture of California. The debut series remain one of the most highly sought-after toys up till this day.

Hot wheels eventually branched out to include racing video games, auto partnerships and merchandises, which goes to prove the success of the

For over 50 years, Hot Wheels continues to push boundaries, constantly coming up with wacky designs that challenge the norms of real-world car models, in creating masterpieces that are as visually attractive and of unparalleled quality.

Hot Wheels TV Commercial – 1968

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