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Hollywood Squares TV Title Shot*

For those who were fond of tic-tac-toe but wanted to see their favorite celebrities in the game, Hollywood Squares was the American game show to watch. The show had two contestants who played a huge version of tic-tac-toe to win prizes and money. The pilot was aired in 1965 on NBC. Its regular broadcasting started in the same network the following year. The stacks of open square cubicles were occupied by a Hollywood celebrity sitting at a desk, facing the two contestants.

The host asks the celebrities questions. The contestants get the chance to decide whether the answers were true or not. To win, a contestant should gain squares lined up in the right a pattern. The contestants take turns in choosing a square. Each contestant had the prerogative to agree with the celebrity or not. If the celebrity happens to answer with a bluff, then the contestant was asked to answer the question instead. Usually, the contestants lost or gained a square based on their answer. It is common for a contestant to decline. When they do, the celebrity would ask the next question and the contestants did not incur any penalty. Then the same celebrity would be asked another question.

The game’s objective was to complete one line diagonally, across, or vertically. The contestant should gain as many squares or capture five squares. He or she should agree or disagree with the celebrity in the right way or the square would go to the opponent automatically. There is an exception if the opponent wins by default (not permitted), the square remained unnamed until the other contestant has a chance to gain the square.

Hollywood Squares Regulars

According to MeTV, there were 15 Celebrities who appeared on Hollywood Squares more than 40 times. (In alphabetical order by first name)

Charley Weaver, Charo, George Gobel, Harvey Korman, Joan Rivers, Karen Valentine, Marty Allen, McLean Stevenson, Nanette Fabray, Paul Lynde, Peter Marshall (Host), Rich Little, Rose Marie, Vincent Price, Zsa Zsa Gabor

Hollywood Squares 1972

Hollywood Squares, 1977 with commercials



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