Gino Vannelli – Music from the 70s and beyond

Photo of Gino Vannelli
Gino Vannelli, master of pop, jazz, and acoustic. Photo by Ross Vannelli

Gino Vannelli was born in 1952 in Montreal, Canada to a family with a strong musical background. His father was in the cabaret scene while his mother possessed a strong musical inclination.

Vannelli grew up to become one of the most versatile musical performers in the world.

The singer signed up with RCA Records at the age of 17 and collaborated with A&M records in Hollywood, before going on to receive gold and platinum awards, being featured 5 times on the Billboard charts with his popular albums, the star has accrued accolades and recognition for his tireless contributions to the world of music.

Vannelli sold out concert halls and performances throughout Canada at a young age of 23, winning the adulation of fans and several Grammy nominations.

One major milestone was achieved when he was placed on the top 10 of the 1978 Billboard charts with his hit, “I Just Wanna Stop”.

His popular tracks include “People Got to Move” & “Mama Coco” and he experimented synthesizer arrangements and jazz tunes among other musical mediums. Additionally, Vannelli always carried a passion for the classical music of Europe. In 1985, after a period of hiatus, the singer released a largely successful Black Cars album, elevating him to international fame.

Vannelli remains a multihyphenate: an author, musician, producer, arranger and one of the most dedicated performers who have graced the stage.

On a personal note, we’d like to invite you to explore Gino Vannelli’s music. He has been and remains one of our all-time favorites.

Gino Vannelli talks about “I Just Wanna Stop”

Gino Vannelli – “I Just Want To Stop” 1978

People Gotta Move – 1974

Black Cars – Gino Vannelli, 1984

And for the softer side, Gino Vannelli songs you might not know, but should

Gino Vannelli – Walter Whitman Where Are You


Jehovah And All That Jazz from the Yonder Tree album

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