First Mall Opens in the United States-in Michigan

Photo of Northland Center Mall, Southfield MI 1954
Northland Center Mall, America's first mall opened in Southfield, MI in 1954

Shopping has become a pastime for many Americans. What would life be without the mall? The mall hasn’t really been around all that long.

The first US mall, Northland Center Mall, began operations on the 22 March 1954 in Southfield Michigan, a Detroit suburb.

Located on a 160-hectare site, the mall featured a range of shops, with the most notable being a four-story department store owned by the Hudson company, which was second in popularity only to Macy’s.

In addition to its commercial stores, the mall contained a post office and bank, along with the provision of free gas to nearby residents. The wide walkways and water features offered an enjoyable paradise for shoppers.
More shops jumped on board over the years, with the inclusion of a food court in 1991.

Unfortunately, as more rivaling shopping malls rose along the years, the popularity of Northland Center Mall waned and the building was finally scheduled for its final operation in 2015, with demolishment slated for 2018.

Northland Center Mall remains one of the early shining examples of American consumerism, which set the gold standards for the mega-malls and complexes that have sprung up across the nation.

It was more than a mall; it is a slice of history.

News coverage of Northland Mall closing – WXYZ TV 7, Detroit

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