The Cast of NBC's Emergency: (Left to Right) Roy Desoto (Kevin Tighe), Dr. Kelly Brackett (Robert Fuller), Dixie McCall (Julie London), Dr. Joe Early (Bobby Troup), Johnny Gage (Randolph Mantooth)


Produced by Universal Television and Mark VII Limited, this merging of action-adventure and medical drama in one American TV series aired from January 15, 1972, to May 28, 1977, on NBC. Emergency! Replaced The Good Life and The Partners as well. Set in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California, the series was led by two rescuers—Kevin Tighe and Randolph Mantooth. They worked as both firefighters and paramedics for the LA County Fire Department’s Squad 51 rescue and medical crew. The said squad works alongside the skilled firefighter engine team at Station 51 and the medical staff of the Rampart General Hospital.

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Emergency! was produced and created by Robert A. Cinader. Harold Jack Bloom, and Jack Webb. The TV series portrayed a realistic interpretation of how the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The technical advisor was James O. Page—a known EMS leader and pioneer. Because of him, the main actors really went through some necessary paramedic training. The young paramedics Roy DeSoto, played by Kevin Tighe, and Johnny Roderick “Johnny” Cage, played by Randolph Mantooth, were the focus of the series. During their rescues, they would work with the ER staff at the Rampart General Hospital, depicting the ups and downs in the grueling task of saving people’s lives.

Emergency! Opening theme, 1971

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