Educational Movies and Films in School

Educational Movies in school Classroom
It was always a big day when we watched movies in the school classroom
Bell and Howell 16mm Movie Projector, 1960s
The Bell & Howell movie projector, 1960s

Ah, those were the days that Boomers looked forward to in school. It was movie time.

Often in black and white with sound that seemed as though it was coming from underwater, teachers would show us educational movies. Subjects included everything from being polite and personal hygiene to safely crossing the street and how to survive the atom bomb with nothing more than hiding under your desk or putting a coat over our head as shown in the infamous “Duck and Cover” movie.

Educational movies were shown in schools across America as a way of communicating to students in an entertaining way. It worked.

These were special times, indeed.

Some of the more popular educational movies were

  • Are You a Good Citizen? (1949)
  • Clothes and You: Line and Proportion (1954)
  • Dating Do’s and Don’ts (1949)
  • Good Table Manners (1951)
  • How to Say No (Moral Maturity) (1951)
  • I Want to Be a Secretary (1941)
  • What to Do on a Date (1951)
  • Our Wonderful Body: How We Keep Fit (1968)
  • Mental Hygiene

Of course we cannot forget “Duck and Cover” funded by the US Federal Civil Defense Administration in 1952.

Scene from Duck and Cover educationsal movie
Monkey with dynamite and “Bert” the turtle from “Duck and Cover” 1952

There was a turtle by the name of Bert
and Bert the turtle was very alert;
when danger threatened him he never got hurt
he knew just what to do …
He’d duck! [gasp]
And cover!
Duck! [gasp]
And cover!
(male) He did what we all must learn to do
(male) You (female) And you (male) And you (deeper male) And you!
[bang, gasp] Duck, and cover!

Duck and Cover 1952

Get out your fat old number 2 pencil, your Big Chief Tablet (made of paper) and take notes. The movies you are about to see may very well change your life.

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