Dick Cavett Show

Dick Cavett, among the greatest conversationalists on television.
Muhammad Ali with Dick Cavett (1974)

Aired in New York from 1968 to 1995, The Dick Cavett Show was hosted by author and comedy writer, Dick Cavett. It was a show broadcasted on ABC, CNBC, PBS, and USA television networks. It was the very first show aired during daytime hours that featured Angela Lansbury, Gore Vidal, and Muhammad Ali. ABC had always demanded that Cavett to invite prominent guests, even if the episodes without the celebrities were more complimented and earned higher ratings.

The show was then moved to a late-night time slot, which was opposite The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on NBC. The Dick Cavett Show was at prime-time from December 29, 1969, to January 1, 1975. To add more to his usual greeting, he read pre-selected questions from the audience members. Cavett would always answer each with something witty.

Dick Cavett had myriad, different guests. Though he had his favorites, he also invited rock and roll artists, politicians, and authors. The guests and Cavett’s intelligent form of comedy appealed to many viewers and made the show a long runner.

The 45-minute late-night show would always start with Glitter and Be Gay, which was a musical piece from Candida by Leonard Bernstein. The song was associated with Cavett and was always played in other talk shows during his appearances.

Dick Cavett

Born November 19, 1936, Gibbon, NE


Dick Cavett on the Art of Conversation

Dick Cavett with Bob Hope (1972)

Dick Cavett with David Bowie (1974)

Muhammad Ali on Dick Cavett After Leon Spinks loss (1978)

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