Beverly Hillbillies

The very first episode of the iconic Beverly Hillbillies shows us how Uncle Jed struck oil accidentally and moved the family away from the hills of Tennessee.

The show has a wide range of color and sound effects and spanned more than 250 episodes. It ran for 9 plus years on CBS Television network, from September 26, 1962 – September 7, 1971


Jed Clampett: Buddy Ebsen

Granny Daisy Moses: Irene Ryan

Elly May Clampett:Donna Douglas

Jethro Bodine: Max Baer Jr.

Milburn Drysdale: Raymond Bailey

Miss Jane Hathaway: Nancy Kulp

Mrs. Margaret Drysdale:Harriet E. MacGibbon

Cousin Pearl Bodine: Bea Benaderet

Elverna Bradshaw: Elvia Allman

Joseph P. ‘Uncle Joe’ Carson: Edgar Buchanan

Sam Drucker:Frank Cady

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