Barbie Debuts

Barbie introduced herself to the world in 1959 and hasn't aged a bit since then.

Barbie doll is perhaps one of the most iconic toys ever released in the world.

On March 9, 1959, Ruth Handler created a toy named after her daughter Barbara. The first edition of the doll was released in a toy fair in New York, City, which quickly made its way into the hearts of children.

Additionally, Handler co-founded Mattel, a company that has gone on to create an empire of toys for generations of children around the world.

Handler received inspiration for Barbie when she saw her daughter and friends interacting with paper dolls over a variety of roles, such as nurses, college students and teachers. This prompted the inventor to create a doll of an improved quality, which could be used to play out the fantasy settings of young girls.

On one family vacation to Switzerland, Handler was impressed by a range of German-made dolls known as Bild Lili dolls, which bore adult body proportions.

The concept was integrated in her creation of Barbie, which stood out from the mainstream infant dolls popular in those times.

Barbie remains a symbol of freedom and power of women, representing the endless possibilities available if they believed in themselves.

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