Photo of Fizzies packaging from 1957-1969
Food and Drink


Fizzies History Fizzies was a favorite childhood drink, introduced in 1957 and sold until 2016. Ruth Millard invented the idea for Emerson Drug Company, manufacturer of Bromo-Seltzer. She added fruit flavors to the compound to […]

Making History

The McCarthy Hearings

In 1954, Senator McCarthy of Wisconsin decided to eliminate communist threats within the American army. He was –a zealot according to all accounts and his zeal led to a series of lengthy court proceedings between […]

Bewitched Samantha and Darren Stevens
TV & Radio


BEWITCHED Another successful fantasy sitcom series graced American television from September 17, 1964, to March 25, 1972, on ABC. It ran for eight seasons, telling the story of a witch marrying a mortal man. She […]

Cuban Missile Crisis: Nikita Khrushchev, Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, 1962
Making History

The Cuban Missile Crisis

The Cuban missile crisis was a 13-day long standoff between America and the Soviet Union, when ballistic missiles were discovered in Cuba by an American U2-spy plane that traveled at a high altitude over the […]

Photo of Three Mile Island, Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA, March 28, 1978
Making History

The First Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear power is a destructive force that contains the power to eradicate all life on Earth. However, the original purpose of the power source was targeted at more beneficial causes. Historically, the first nuclear power […]