The Year was 1974.

President Gerald R Ford (R) 1974-1977

Inflation spirals out of control. It hits 11 percent in the United States and over 17 percent in the United Kingdom.

United States President was Gerald Ford due to the resignation of Richard Nixon.

The US population was about 210 million.

The murder rate was hovering around 8.5 murders per 100.

The Median Household Income was about $13,900 for the average laborer.

The Minimum Wage was $1.60 per hour, the equivalent of $8.15 in 2018 dollars.

A new house would cost you about 34,900 dollars  and if you rented a two bedroom the average monthly rent for that was around 185 dollars.

Groceries were beginning to rise due to the inflation. Bacon was 75 cents a pound and eggs 45 for a dozen.

A gallon of milk cost about $1.25 and a loaf of bread was approximately 75 cents.  You could get a fresh turkey for 75 cents a pound and potatoes were about one dollar for a ten pound bag.

Sending a letter across the country would cost you  $.10 in postage.

A gallon of gas cost about 42 cents.

Top News for 1974

  • The largest series of tornadoes in history, hits 13 U.S. states and one Canadian province. By the time the last of 148 tornadoes hit early the following morning, 315 died and over 5,000 were injured.
  • Smallpox Epidemic in India causes the deaths of between 10,000 and 20,000 people
  • Following impeachment hearings started on May 9th Richard Nixon becomes the first US president forced to resign after the Watergate Scandal on August 9th
  • On October 30th, 1974 the much hyped boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali for Ali to regain his heavyweight title takes place in Kinshasa, Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo).
  • The Kootenai Native American Tribe in Idaho declares war on the United States
  • President Gerald Ford gives unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon
  • 55 MPH Speed Limit imposed to preserve gas usage US wide
  • President Ford announces an amnesty program for Vietnam War deserters and draft evaders

Nixon Resigns

The Rumble In The Jungle: Foreman vs. Ali


Products introduced in 1974

  • Baileys Irish Cream
  • Bold detergent
  • C.W. Post granola cereal
  • Meow Mix cat food
  • Mobil 1 synthetic oil
  • Sprite Zero Sugar

C.W. Post Commercial (plus NyQuil and the Star Wars movie)

Meow Mix cat food, 1974

Mobil 1 Commercial

Vehicles introduced in 1974

  • Ford Elite automobile
  • Jeep Cherokee (SJ)
  • Toyota Corolla (E30)
  • Volkswagen Golf
1974 Toyota Corolla SR-5
The 1974 Toyota Corolla SR-5. “…it’s the most fun you can have sitting down.”

The Top 5 Songs of 1974

Song rankings are based on information from The Billboard Hot 100 Chart Data

1. The Way We Were – Barbra Streisand (Columbia)

2. Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks (Bell)

3. Love’s Theme – Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra (Epic)

4. Come And Get Your Love – Redbone (Epic)

5. Dancing Machine – The Jackson Five (Motown)

The Top 5 TV Shows of 1974

1. All in the Family (CBS)

2. Sanford and Son (NBC)

3. Chico and the Man (CBS) Opening and Closing  with Jose’ Feliciano

4. The Jeffersons (CBS)

5. M*A*S*H (CBS)

M*A*S*H – The last day of filming

The Top 5 Movies of 1974

1. Blazing Saddles (Warner Bros.)

2. The Towering Inferno (20th Century Fox)

3. The Trial of Billy Jack (Warner Bros.)

4. Young Frankenstein (20th Century Fox)

Young Frankenstein “Puttin’ on the Ritz” with Gene Wilder and Peter Boyle

Young Frankenstein Bloopers and Outtakes

5. Earthquake (Universal)

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