President Richard M Nixon (R) 1969-1974

The Year was 1970.

The inflation rate had risen to 5.85  percent.

United States President:  Richard Millhouse Nixon.

The US population was about 205 million and our life expectancy  was  70.5 years.

The murder rate was still about 5 murders per 100,000  or 16 K in the United States..

The Median Household Income was $8,700 for the average laborer.
A new house would cost you close to  $26,500 and if you rented a two bedroom the average monthly rent for that  would be $155.

The minimum wage in 1970 was 1970 $1.60 per hour, the equivalent of $10.35 in 2018

Groceries were easier to come by and lower in price. Bacon was 75 cents a pound and eggs .62 for a dozen. A gallon of milk cost about $1.15 and a loaf of bread was approximately 50 cents.

Sending a letter across the country would cost you  $.06 in postage.

A gallon of gas cost about 36 cents.

The top selling car was the Chevy and it sold for $4,270 or a bit more, depending on your options.

1970 Chevrolet Impala magazine ad.

We were wearing Bib overalls with fancy designs and suede coats and fringed boots. Many anti war pieces of clothing were showing up such as military coats with peace signs on them.

Kent State shootings, LIFE magazine cover, May 15, 1970

Top News for 1970

  • The National Guard fired on Kent State Protestors killing four.
  • The first computer chess tournament happens
  • The remote controlled Soviet Moon rover travels on the face of the moon.
  •  Thalidomide babies are given recompense from drug companies.
  • Concorde made the first supersonic flight.
  • Singer Janis Joplin dies in a cheap motel from an overdose of heroin
  • Jimi Hendrix dies of an overdose in a London hotel
  • Voting age is lowered to 18


“Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young was the battle cry, protest song, and counterculture anthem about the killings at Kent State by National Guardsmen. The song was recorded 21 days after the Kent State massacre of four student protesters.

ABC News reports the death of Jimi Hendrix September 18, 1970

Janis Joplin’s Last TV Appearance – Dick Cavett Show, August 3, 1970

1970 Buick Estate Wagon Magazine Ad
1970 Buick Estate Wagon Magazine Ad

Products introduced in 1970

AMC Gremlin
AMC Hornet Automobile
Buick Estate Wagon
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Chevrolet Vega
Ford Pinto
Corelle Glassware
McDonald’s Shamrock Shake
Munch Candy Bar

1970 AMC Gremlin TV Commercial



1970 Music, Television and Movies

Music – The Top 5 Songs of 1970

Song rankings are based on information from The Billboard Hot 100 Chart Data

1. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon & Garfunkel (Columbia)

2. (They Long to Be) Close to You – The Carpenters (A&M)

3. American Woman / No Sugar Tonight – Guess Who (RCA)

4. Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head – B.J. Thomas (Scepter)

5. War – Edwin Starr (Gordy)

TV– The Top 5 TV Shows of 1970

1. Marcus Welby, M.D. (ABC)

2. The Flip Wilson Show (NBC)

Flip Wilson “The Committee” with Phyllis Diller and Ray Charles (Part 1 of 4)

Flip Wilson, Phillis Diller, and Ray Charles, Part 2

Flip Wilson, Phillis Diller, and Ray Charles, Part 3

Flip Wilson, Phillis Diller, and Ray Charles, Part 4

3. Here’s Lucy (CBS)

4. Ironside (NBC)

5. Gunsmoke (CBS)

Gunsmoke Bloopers

Movies – The Top 5 Grossing Movies of 1970

1. Love Story (Paramount)

“Love means you never have to say you’re sorry.” (Except for making this movie.)

Andy Williams – “Where Do I Begin?” (Love Story Theme)

2. Airport (Universal)

3. M*A*S*H (20th Century Fox)

Mash Theme Song – Suicide is Painless

4. Patton (20th Century Fox)

5. Woodstock (Warner Bros.)

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