The Year was 1963.

The Beatles 1964 (Clockwise) John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

Beatlemania is in full swing and people are flocking to Beatles concerts and to buy their records.

Martin Luther King delivered his “I have a dream” speech. The KKK dynamites a church in Alabama and Sabin oral polio vaccine is administered for the first time.

Air conditioners were coming into play and cost about 149.95

The Boston Strangler claims 4 more victims. Mary Brown, 69, Beverly Samans, 23, Evelyn Corbin, 58 and Joann Graff, 23

Inflation  in the US was at  just 1.24 percent.

A new home would cost you about $125650  and if you were renting a place the cost was about 112 dollars a month for 2 bedrooms.


President John F Kennedy (D) 1961-1963

The President –was John F. Kennedy.


The US population was about 187,000,000 and our life expectancy was about 69.6 years.


The murder rate was just 4.6 murders per 100,000.


The Median Household Income was about $4,658.72 dollars for the average laborer and the average income was about $5,500.

The minimum wage in 1963 was $1.25 per hour, the equivalent of $10.26 per hour in 2018 dollars.

Cost of Living

1963 Chevrolet Impala convertible.
The beehive hairdo was part of Audrey Hepburn’s look with Cary Grant in Charade, 1963

Bacon was 67 cents a pound and eggs cost 31 cents for a dozen. A gallon of milk cost about 1.04 cents and a loaf of bread was approximately 23 cents.  A pound of burger was  59 cents.

Sending a letter across the country would cost you  $.05 in postage.

A gallon of gas cost about 29 cents.

The top selling car in the United States was the Chevrolet Impala and it cost about $2,911 for a brand new model, roughly 60% of the median household income. By comparison, a 2018 Impala would cost around 47 percent 0f the 2018’s median household income.

Ladies fashion clothes and hairstyles included giant fur boots and towering hair do’s for evening wear such as the beehive.

Major News Stories of 1963:

In major news for the year, President John F Kennedy was assassinated in Texas making Lyndon Johnson president. Two days later Lee Harvey Oswald was murdered by Jack Ruby.

The Viet Cong Guerillas had murdered 80 American advisors.

Products Introduced in 1963

TaB, introduced in 1963, was Coca-Colas first diet soft drink.
  • Astro Pops candy
  • Axe men’s grooming products
  • Cadbury Creme Eggs
  • Cap’n Crunch cereal
  • Cassette tape and players
  • Charmin’ Chatty doll
  • Chips Ahoy! cookies
  • Colt 45 malt liquor
  • Crispy Critters
  • Easy-Bake Oven toy
  • Filet-O-Fish sandwich, McDonald’s
  • Froot Loops cereal
  • Patio soft drinks
  • Speed Stick deodorant
  • SunnyD orange drink
  • TaB diet soda
  • Veg-O-Matic

1963 Music, Television and Movies

Music – The Top 5 Songs of 1963

Song rankings are based on information from The Billboard Hot 100 Chart Data

1. Sugar Shack – Jimmy Gilmer/The Fireballs (Dot)

2. Surfin’ U.S.A. – Beach Boys (Capitol)

3. The End Of The World – Skeeter Davis (RCA Victor)

4. Rhythm Of The Rain – Cascades (Valiant)

5. He’s So Fine – The Chiffons (Laurie)

1963 Television

The Virginian – Cast at The Shilo Ranch. Center: Lee J. Cobb (Judge Garth). From left: Roberta Shore (Betsy Garth), Clu Gulager (Emmett Ryker), Doug McClure (Trampas), Randy Boone (ranch hand), James Drury (the Virginian)

The Virginian



1963 Featured Movies

“The Birds”

“The Great Escape”

The Pink Panther

It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World


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