The Year was 1961.

The cold war was heating up and things were getting a little more tense between the two “superpowers.”

The USSR  had been testing and exploding some very large bombs. They then masterminded the  building of the Berlin Wall separating East from West Berlin.

America sent a battle group to Germany and Americans and Russians Glared at each other across the border

On the up side, inflation in the US was at  just 1.7 percent.

A new home would cost you about $12,500  and if you were renting a place the cost was about 95 dollars a month for 2 bedrooms.

President John F Kennedy (D) 1961-1963


The President – was a newly inaugurated John F. Kennedy.


The US population was about 175,000,000 and our life expectancy  was about 68.6 years.


The murder rate was just 6 murders per 100,000.


The Median Household Income was about 5,315 dollars for the average laborer.

The Minimum Wage in 1961 was $1.15 per hour, the equivalent of $9.66 per hour in 2018 dollars.

Cost of Living

A new home would cost you about $12,500  and if you were renting a place the cost was about 95 dollars a month for 2 bedrooms.

Bacon was 67 cents a pound and eggs cost  30 cents for a dozen. A gallon of milk cost about 1.04 cents and a loaf of bread was approximately 29 cents.  A pound of burger was  59 cents.

Sending a letter across the country would cost you  $.05 in postage.

A gallon of gas cost about 29 cents.

The top-selling car in the United States was the Chevy and it cost about 2850 dollars for a brand new model.

Commercial for the 1961 Chevrolet Impala


Pillbox hats and boxy coats, skinny ties, and cuffed dress pants were the order of the day in fashion.

1961 Music, Television and Movies

Music – The Top 5 Songs of 1961

1. Tossin’ And Turnin’ – Bobby Lewis (Beltone)

2. I Fall To Pieces – Patsy Cline (Decca)

3. Michael (Row The Boat Ashore) – Highwaymen (United Artists)

4. Cryin’ – Roy Orbison (Monument)

5. Runaway – Del Shannon (Big Top)

Television 1961

Wagon Train

Bonanza, with Sue Randall, Leave It To Beaver’s Miss Landers

Gunsmoke: 1955 – 1975

Perry Mason Screen Tests

The Red Skelton Show

Movies of 1961

The Guns of Navarone

The Parent Trap – Let’s Get Together with Hailey Mills

The Absent-Minded Professor – The Flying Car with Fred MacMurray

101 Dalmatians

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